Unboxing  Innovation

CD @ 72andSunny, Amsterdam

How do you create a 'teaser' for the new Galaxy Phone, before the phones’ capabilites have even been confirmed? No need to answer- rhetorical question. We created a campaign that looked back at Samsung’s many World First innovations in order to build excitement for the future.

Fun Fact: The video had 37 million views in the first week alone.  

The film was also played live at the opening of Samsung's Key Note Conference with a bespoke ending. At the end, the VR user reached for a floating black box, which triggered the ‘unboxing’ of the entire stage, which ‘opened’ up to reveal the speakers. VR goggles were also provided under everyone’s seats for an immersive experience on the Galaxy (not created by our team). 

We shot it in Prague over 8 days, with lots of in-camera trickery. A look Behind The Scenes below. 

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