Runners Helping Runners

ECD @ Ghostpistols, LA

With running on the decline worldwide, we brought the joy back by launching the ‘Runners Helping Runners’ initiative across Asia Pacific and Latin America.

We equipped markets with a series of celebratory events to inspire (and perspire) runners: including localized toolkits of activation campaigns, social engagement strategy, roll-out plans, retail partnership materials and all accompanying assets, across social, merch design, animation, film, OOH and POS.

Along the way I designed and proposed a diverse, body positive update to their RHR logo (spinning below). Our clients loved it, but changing a globally approved asset was not an easy ask. Luckily the global teams loved it too, and it’s currently being rolled out around the World.  
A small sample of the work is below, with the case study to follow (after all the events go live).

Chasing Daisy Events launching soon
Running ManAthon Challenges launching soon
Disco Daisy Events launching soon

Power UP IRL activations launching soon. 

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