Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
ENTJ—A ‘Commander’︎︎︎

“Bold, imaginative and strong-willed leaders, always finding a way, or making one.”

63% Extraverted
37% Introverted
63% Intuitive
37% Observant
53% Thinking
47% Feeling
68% Judging
32% Prospecting
72% Assertive
28% Turbulent

I'm an Executive Creative Leader that frequently hop-scotches between my left and right brain. American & Australian Citizen. European by marriage. Water-loving ︎ Pisces by birth. 

After studying Design, Film, Photography, Business, and Communications at University, I found Advertising, and built my career solving business problems with crafted, creative solutions.

Over the years, my work has consistently been recognized by: Cannes, D&AD, The OneShow, Clios, New York Festivals, London International Awards, Effies, and many more.

In my last few roles, on top of ‘creating’ I’ve focused on curating a positive, collaborative culture that help brands, ideas, and people flourish.


  ︎︎  What seems to be the problem?  ︎︎  What seems to be the problem?  ︎︎  What seems to be the problem?  ︎︎  What seems to be the problem? 

The Monkeys︎︎︎
Senior Creative
Sydney 2008 — 2012

Employee #16, and The Monkeys’ first overseas hire. We grew to over 150 employees, won ‘Agency of the Year’ 4x, and went on to be named ‘Australian Agency of the Decade’.

Global Creative Director
Amsterdam, 2012 — 2018

Employee #14 and the first CD in Amsterdam (under Carlo the ECD). The office grew to nearly 200 people. While there 72&S was named Fast Company's ‘Most Innovative Companies’, and ‘Agency of the Year’ 2x for Ad Age and Adweek.

ECD & Founding Partner
Los Angeles, 2019 — 2023

After helping a couple of other beautiful agencies grow, I co-founded Ghostpistols in LA. We launched brands from the ground up, directed, designed, learned, mentored, worked with excellent global partners, proudly survived a pandemic, and decided to shift focus in 2023.

ECD & Founding Partner
Los Angeles & Beyond, Today

With a unique blend of tech innovation, human-centric creative, and cleverly crafted global know-how, I'm excited that our work is already running across four continents. And we're just getting started. ︎

And now, some kind words from my previous sponsors.     ︎     And now, some kind words from my previous sponsors.     ︎     And now, some kind words from my previous sponsors.     ︎     

John Radaza
Projects Director, Global Collaborations
Nike USA 


“A true team player and brilliant storyteller. His ideas brought a fresh perspective and new life to our work. He caught our blind spots and helped us identify more efficient ways of working. By nature, Matt is collaborative, passionate, and very easy to work with. But what I love about him the most is that creativity is central to all his work, even operationally focused problems. A producer’s dream.”

Anagha Alreja
Creative Director, Asia Pacific, Latin America
Nike USA


“Passion for storytelling, brimming with smart, witty, thoughtful and fresh ideas, plus always going above and beyond the brief, are just some of the many qualities that make Matt and his crew at OTOH an absolute joy to partner with. They make us look good. Thank you Matt.”

Carlo Cavallone
Former Global CCO
72andSunny, New York


“It's been a great pleasure to work with Mr. Heck all these years. He joined our company in its infancy and left it in its adolescence, and along the way he contributed to its growth like few others.

Matt's an excellent modern creative because he's first and foremost a great craftsman, with a maniacal attention to detail, but he's also a great, solid businessman who understands deeply the needs of a brand. On top of this, he's also a really nice person to work with, smart, fun, highly empathetic and always really calm in the face of "adversity". We'll miss Matt around here. And we're jealous of those who'll get a chance to work with him in the future.”

“*he's a so-so FIFA player but he's working on it”.

Nic Owen
Former Managing Director
72andSunny, Amsterdam


“Matt is a legend of 72andSunny Amsterdam - someone who helped build the office. Matt has many skills as a CD, Designer/ Art Director and human.

Matt has a base layer of strong design chops and conceptual ability that makes him a great creative. This also lays the foundation for him being an excellent Creative Director. He thinks brand first, is open to all kinds of input, but also has the strength of character to protect ideas and keep them whole. This, coupled with Matt being a very decent dude, makes him a great leader.

Matt has done some great work with us at 72 - on Axe, Carlsberg, Samsung and Smirnoff, where he was also part of the core team that won the global business.

Matt is welcome back at 72 any time he fancies it.”

Justin Drape
Founder & Former CCO The Monkeys, Sydney
Founder Exceptional ALIEN


“Matt was our first overseas hire. He arrived when we were just "a room full of dudes" and helped the agency grow from 15 dreamers to over 100 staff. Along the way he created some of our most awarded work, which has helped us to be named ‘Agency of The Year’ a number of times since 2008.”

Micah Walker
Founder / CCO Bear Meets Eagle On Fire.
Former CD W+K Portland


“I like folks who care, question and obsess over the detail of everything from brief until case study, so I really like Matt.

He's an incredibly decent bloke who's always doing that bit more than is required long after everyone else has left. There's not a creative department worth working in, who wouldn't appreciate having him.

He does wear a beanie like that Daniel Powter d*ck...but hey, no one's perfect.”

Dave Damman
Former CCO 
Carmichael Lynch Minnneapolis


“Extremely nice, and extremely talented. Two very sought after qualities that are hard to find in our industry – and to find them both in one person – that's Matt.  

He's passionate about the work. He's extremely adept at identifying client problems – and then solving them with brilliant ideas. And, he's one helluva foosball player. I would jump at the chance to have him as a member of my team. Expect great shit from Matt – he will most certainly deliver.”

Stu Harkness
Former CD W+K Portland
Former ECD 72&Sunny Amsterdam


“Work with Matt if you want a super smart CD with a meticulous eye for detail and design, the ability to nurture talent, dig under the skin of any brand strategically plus handle any shit thrown at him with unflappable aplomb.

Beyond that you'll have to deal with having a bloody lovely person in your presence too.”